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Routinely check for updates for your specific model. During CES, a number of companies (including D-Link) introduced models with built-in automatic updates.

And newer models are more likely to see updates than those five years or older.

Craig Young, a researcher at the digital security company Tripwire, says the problems identified by the FTC are quite serious.

Compromised webcams could have been used to surreptitiously spy on their owners and affected routers could also be used to launch cyberattacks.

But Young also pointed out that other router manufacturers have also been found to have serious security flaws.

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But few routers update their firmware automatically.According to the FTC, D-Link failed to adequately test their products to recognize security flaws and left them susceptible to attacks.In a statement, D-Link strongly denied these claims, writing that the "security of our products and protection of our customers private data is always our top priority.” The router maker calls the FTC's claims "vague and unsubstantiated allegations" and notes that the Commission fails to mention "any breach of any product sold by D-Link Systems." Consumer Reports reached out to the FTC for comment and the agency referred us to their public statement.Electronics such as your cellphone, camera and even your router contain permanent software that allows the device to function correctly.Periodically, manufacturers of such software, including D-Link, may release updates to the firmware that can resolve router issues or improve performance.

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